Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Best Practices and EMR Platforms are Vital to Protect Patient Info

"To protect data from leaking out and to produce a reader-friendly version of an EMR, medical practices can also rely on printing and mailing services. Physical copies of EMRs are requested by insurance agencies and medical specialists. As opposed to sending a record via email, healthcare practices can rest easy that a competent company is handling the service for them. The thing is, even such a measure can’t always guarantee the security of EMRs, as NRAD found out the hard way. Records need to be backed up regularly and EMR access needs to be very limited, if possible. Simply leaving an internet-capable computer unattended at the medical practice is already a wrong move as far as security experts are concerned. Reliable document management services know the importance of these simple acts, which are sometimes all that is needed to prevent data breaches."

Monday, July 21, 2014

How Important is Reliable and Secure Document Storage for Businesses?

"It is necessary for health purposes too, because hardcopies induce mold growth once exposed to moisture. In addition, reliable document storage services can improve office productivity. By removing clutter at the workplace, employees can focus more on their jobs rather than rummage through poorly-organized folders and file cabinets for the necessary paperwork. However, data security is still the biggest reason why document storage and management is vital. Misplaced or stolen financial statements can cost any company thousands, if not millions, of dollars, while poorly-protected client information can destroy long-held relationships with customers and business partners. Either of these scenarios can lead any company to economic ruin, which is something that Spectrum Information Services and other document management firms seek to prevent."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Document Scanning Services: The Best Things About Going Paperless

"The second process eliminates the need for temporary paper used for appointments in a doctor’s office. The patient arrives and puts a finger on a biometric scanner, then the patient’s presence is then posted on the office computer. Lastly, a tax professional provides his clients’ documents in PDF form on a rewritable CD, which the client can bring back for next year’s return. Most likely at the top of every entrepreneur’s mind would be digital document managing. If the business generates minimal amount of paper, you could invest in an over-the-counter scanner and optical character recognition (OCR) software. However, for large volume conversions and comprehensive document scanning services, consulting a professional is highly recommended."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Document Management Services: Reinforcing Data Security and Protection

"It is noteworthy to mention that technology is constantly evolving, so regular updates and refresher sessions on security policies need to be implemented. Some document management companies like Spectrum Information Services can include this in their service contract, but it’s best to clarify this with your consultant. It has been said time and again that knowing is half the battle. There is much truth to this, especially in the war against information theft and corruption."