Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HIPAA—Ensuring Document Storage Processes and EMR Platforms Comply

All healthcare organizations and professionals need to understand the compliance issues HIPAA contains, particularly with the secure scanning and storage of patient health records. Entities covered by HIPAA include healthcare providers, plans, clearinghouses, and the electronic medical records or EMR platforms used by these entities to manage data. If you or your organization belongs to one of these organizations covered by HIPAA, you are responsible for ensuring that both access and transfer of your patient’s records is compliant with the Act’s rules.

In a recent Healthcare IT News article, lawyer James Wieland relates to article writer Mike Miliard some of the areas of HIPAA that tend to cause interest and confusion in his clients.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Get Started and Go Paperless with Help from Document Storage Companies

Are you still dreaming of a clean, paper-free office where you will never have to worry about losing vital information ever again? With the tools to digitize most or all of your data and with secure document storage services easily available and affordable, you really have no excuse to be buried under paper these days. Granted, the road toward going paperless is an arduous one, but the more you put it off, the more you get left behind in today’s business world.

By going paperless, your company can achieve increased efficiency, reduce its environmental footprint, and improve its document confidentiality and security. Melissa Zavala, a real estate broker/owner at Broadpoint Properties in San Diego County, California, shares some of the steps her company took to go paperless. Perhaps you may find these points useful if you plan to steer your company in the same direction.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Before Calling Document Scanning Services: On Financial Documents


If you choose scanning services that comes with shredding your documents, make sure that the shredded pieces cannot be retrieved anymore. Just because they’re in strips doesn’t mean they couldn’t be reshaped and reconnected. This is why companies like Spectrum Information Services not only have secure document storage and scanning services but even controlled document destruction as well.

Choose document scanning companies wisely – make sure that they can scan, transfer and store your files efficiently and in a secured manner. Indeed, your scanned documents, just as much as your paper documents, will have to be protected against possible hackers or identity thieves.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Law Firms These Days need Efficient Document Management Services

Version Control

Legal documents aren’t always set in stone. Records can be modified, and if there are many people handling or working on a particular document, for instance, things can get quite confusing, unsafe, and vulnerable very fast. Thankfully, there are document management services that allow people to discern categories of certain files and how to access them, if they are authorized to do so. They can also determine certain versions of the files that have undergone approved modifications or changes.

Fortunately, excellent law firms can meet and overcome these challenges with the help of a trusted document management service provider. Firms like Spectrum Information Services work not just with law firms, but with other companies as well to help them use technology more efficiently in implementing smarter document management strategies.